Chicago, Illinois

About Us

The Nudge Mill?

A goofy name. A serious purpose.

Nudge [nuhj], verb:  To gently push into action.
Mill [mil], noun: A factory for certain kinds of manufacture.

We’re a marketing and communications agency focused on in-person interaction to drive experiences between businesses and their customers. No offense to digital experts, but we’re proud face-to-face people. We build powerful human touchpoints in places where businesses and customers physically interact, notably in mass participation athletics, corporate events, trade shows and field marketing activations.

Here at The Nudge Mill, we manufacture inspiration.

Our Background

We were founded by Scott “Hootie” Hutmacher, an innovative relationship marketer with 20 years of experience creating meaningful connections through compelling in-person campaigns.

He is a trusted spokesperson, having represented billion-dollar brands in national media coverage. He’s also a sort of endurance industry pioneer. A certified coach and race director, Hootie redeveloped the triathlon and running landscape, generating 20% national growth in non-traditional participants through more accessible formats and community-centric training experiences. 

In this new organization, he’s hyper-focused on creating inspiring moments and life-altering customer events.

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